5 top tips: choosing a colour scheme for your wedding or event

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Finding the perfect colour scheme for your wedding or event is one of those oh-so-subtle details that can make all the difference to your special day. I’ve put together 5 of my top tips for creating a colour palette that will blend seamlessly as part of a cohesive vision for your whole day and have people swooning over your tables and trimmings!

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1. Think about your venue

When choosing your colour scheme, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Whilst your venue can be transformed into your dream backdrop for the day, there are some things, like the colour of the walls and carpets and other large features, that can’t be changed. Of course, you’ll have chosen a venue you absolutely love, so finding a colour scheme to match won’t be a problem — just be sure to think about the colours you already have to work with. For instance, if you’ve opted for a stately home style venue, the existing decor may already feature deeper, richer colours, so a pastel palette might look out of place. Try to step back and look at the bigger picture to get a coherent vision for your whole day; your venue and styling ideas probably already match up, so remember to revisit this if you find yourself getting carried away looking at colour combinations you’d never thought of before!


2. Collect DIY store paint sample cards

If you’re struggling to visualise how certain colours might look together or aren’t sure which shade of a particular colour you like best, a great trick is to head down to your local DIY store and pick up some paint sample cards. More often than not, they have an entire wall filled with every shade of every colour you could possibly imagine! And the best part is, you can take as many as you like, absolutely free. If you know roughly which colours you like as a starting point, pick up those colours in lots of different shades. Then when you get home, you can lay them all out next to each other to get a clear visual idea of how they might fit together. You might even end up falling in love with a shade you hadn’t considered before!

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3. Use an online colour palette creator

Another way to get some inspiration for your colour scheme is to use an online colour palette creator. These start by randomly producing a palette of four to five colours which work well together. You can keep cycling through palettes until you see a specific colour you like, then you can lock it in and the website will find even more colours that work with the one you've chosen! This can be a great starting point, and really helps when you find yourself stuck in a rainbow rut, as it removes the element of personal choice (in the beginning at least!). Sometimes you can be so set on a particular shade that you struggle to see other options which might look even better. An online palette creator can help to mix it up for you and provide you with some fresh inspiration.

4. Get some help from a planner or stylist

Hiring an expert is always a great idea. A professional planner or stylist can help you to develop and refine your ideas into a coherent colour concept, including the way the your chosen shades will be accented throughout the day, as well as on the tables. Venue stylists often have showrooms you can go and visit for inspiration and they can suggest different ways of making your palette stand out. For example, they might have lots of different tones and shades of a single colour, which can add depth and interest to your chosen colour combinations — ‘yellow’ doesn’t always have to be just yellow! The best part is, if you hire a planner or stylist, not only will they help you craft a gorgeous colour scheme, but they’ll set it up for you on the day of your event too, so you don’t have to worry about pulling it all together. Your vision will be in safe hands!

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5. Take inspiration from things you love

Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in how your wedding day or special event ‘should’ look or what’s trending right now. While these things can be important, what’s most important is letting your personality shine through and tailoring your day to reflect you, your lifestyle and the things you love. If you’re planning a wedding, why not take inspiration from the things you both love — if you’re both outdoorsy and love a good woodland walk, have a look at all the colours which are naturally found together in flowers, trees and birds. Nature never makes a bad colour palette! If you both share a passion for a certain country, cuisine or hobby, try to work out the sorts of colours you might associate with these things, then revisit the tips above to flesh out your palette!

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When it comes to creating unforgettable memories, having the perfect colour scheme can help you make sure that your special day leaves a lasting impression. From table runners to napkins and cutlery to candelabras — your ideal colour combinations can be incorporated into practically every aspect of your event. Check out my gallery for more inspiration and to find out how I can help you craft the colour palette of your dreams!