5 top tips: incorporating your equestrian lifestyle into your wedding!

horse at wedding Nottinghamshire

Congratulations, you’re planning a wedding! If you’re wondering how you can go from muddy boots and hay in your hair to a beautiful bride in a flowing white dress, draped elegantly across the back of a gleaming horse, then you’ve come to the right place! Read on for my 5 top tips on incorporating your equestrian lifestyle into your wedding day with class and panache aplenty.

  1. These boots were made for…marrying!

Whether you have a buttery-soft pair of riding boots that would look great after a bit of black polish or your favourite Badminton beauties are in need of an outing, you can use your boots in creative ways to give a subtle nod to your horsey habits. Equestrian fashion boots, like the Fairfax & Favor Regina shown here in chocolate, look both stylish and stunning under dresses that drape or layer. You can even buy different coloured tassels to tie in with your colour scheme! Whichever pair you choose, boots can add flair, provide some practical coverage if the weather isn’t on your side, or simply give your feet a well-deserved rest after a long day spent in your wedding heels.

Don’t want to wear your boots? Stuff them with flowers instead! You can ask your florist for a few loose flowers to arrange inside your boots and use them as decoration, or as a signpost to point your guests in the right direction. This is an inexpensive decor option if you already own the perfect pair of boots — just give them a little glow-up beforehand and you’re good to go.

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Fairfax and favor regina

2. Tweed-y does it

Your tweeds are normally reserved for showing, hunting and country events — but why not also add your wedding day to the list? Depending on the colour of your jacket and dress, tweeds can be used to give an added equestrian flair to your bridal style. Pairing a brown tweed with a champagne or ivory-coloured gown, for example, gives your outfit an outdoorsy yet sophisticated edge, or adding a jacket with green hues can look great against a crisp white dress. A tweed jacket can help you create some stunning wedding photos, and is also a brilliant option for winter weddings when the weather starts to get a little chilly. Tailored tweed can also be used to create an effortlessly feminine look and add a touch of personality to your outfit.

tweed jacket wedding dress
wedding tweed

3. Hay hay, good lookin’

There are so many different ways to incorporate hay and straw bales into your wedding. They can be used, for instance, as seating for outdoor ceremonies — and you can drape them with blankets matching your colour scheme to stop your guests from getting prickled! Bales also make great decorative features and can be dressed with your bouquet and other stylistic props to make them really stand out. If your venue is rural, chances are the owners may have a storage barn full of the stuff. It’s worth asking if they would mind you taking photos in there, as these can give some particularly striking and dramatic shots — plus, it’s always a lot of fun exploring different ways to use hay bales as a backdrop! Bales help give your special day a rustic, down-to-earth feel and can work beautifully in barn venues as a versatile decor item that doubles up as seating.

Fairfax and favor wedding dress
hay barn wedding

4. Chomping at the bit

From bits and bridles to saddles and horseshoes — when it comes to styling and decorating your venue, there are so many ways to subtly incorporate your equestrian lifestyle into your special day. You can go for something small and subtle, such as a colour scheme matching your horse’s wardrobe, recognised by only a few people at the wedding, or name your tables after horses you love, equestrians you admire or famous horsey locations.

equestrian horse wedding styling

The styling of your wedding breakfast tables can include equestrian influences, too. Consider adding horseshoes as favours or place names (these could even come from your own horse if you start collecting early enough!) or spray them with different colours to match your colour scheme. If you’d like to add more overt equine references to your decor elements, you could display clean bits, saddles and bridles around your venue. If your venue has a stable door handy, you can also get some great photos by using it to display your saddle — just as you would do on a regular day!

Whether you just want to give a small nod to your equestrian or country lifestyle or go for something with a little higher impact, your styling is something that can be tweaked to suit exactly the look you are going for and add that extra special spark to your wedding day.

horseshoe place names wedding
saddle bridle wedding dress

5. Horsing around — literally! 

Last but certainly not least, you can also choose to bring an actual horse to your wedding, be it your own, a friend’s or a hire. While the idea of having a horse at your wedding is wonderful and absolutely possible, it’s not without its considerations. It’s important to ensure there is someone on hand other than you to take care of your four-legged friend while you get on with the important business of getting married and enjoying your special day! Thankfully, there are plenty of options you can choose from to ensure that everything runs smoothly when it comes to keeping your horse happy.

horse at wedding Nottinghamshire

If your horse is on the spooky side, trying to ride them down the aisle is probably best avoided. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t get some gorgeous shots of the two (or three!) of you together throughout the day in the beautiful setting created using the other 4 tips above. You can pamper your horse with their very own floral headdress or garland too, and it’s a great excuse to have them looking all clean and shiny for professional photographs. Lesley at Velvet & Broon Classical Flowers makes beautiful floral headpieces for your horse which can match up with the flowers for the rest of your day! If your venue has land and space to experiment with, letting your horse loose in a secure area and waiting for them to come and have a nosey at your dress can create some magical moments which your photographer should be on hand to capture. 

horse at wedding woodland

If your ideal day involves arriving at your wedding by horse, you can make a dramatic entrance on horseback (get practising your side saddle!) or hire a horse and carriage to transport you Cinderella-style to your destination. These options are always guaranteed guest-pleasers too!

In all the excitement, the last thing you’ll want to be worrying about is whether your horse will be properly looked after or available for photographs when you want them. This is where a wedding planner with an understanding of all things horses is indispensable. When it comes to pairing impeccable planning with top-notch equine knowledge, Honey & Horseshoe Events fits the bill perfectly: I have experience of working with horses and wedding dresses in conjunction, and I know exactly what it takes to get those ears pricked for that perfect shot!

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Incorporating the things you love into your wedding day is what helps make the occasion so unique — and when you love horses, there are so many ways to add the perfect equine touches to create some truly special memories. Get in touch to find out more about how I can help transform those dreamy horseback photographs you’ve been longing for into a reality!